vivaz holistic wellness

vivaz (vee-VAZ): spanish - vivacious, full of life

revitalizing you

so you can change your world

Are you a perfectionist, a high-achiever - who's wondering if you'll ever get to slow down and take a breath?

Are you a caretaker, a giver - who's given so much you've lost sight of yourself?

Are you carrying unresolved pain from your past - and wondering if you're doomed to keep repeating old patterns?


You've come to the right place. 

Get unstuck and move into the life you truly deserve.






I work with high EQ perfectionists 
in the midst of life transition, approaching burnout, seeking their "why,"

and ready to recover themselves and their power - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Work with a compassionate guide and sounding board to help you uncover:

  • clarity on your unique goals, wants, needs, and values

  • a grounded understanding of your innate worth

  • an awareness of blind spots and patterns that are no longer serving you

  • deep inner healing and self-compassion

  • practical tools to calm, restore, and tap into your body's guidance

  • accountability and truth-telling as you experiment and grow

  • the ability to more effectively channel your energy to achieve your goals


Sessions are similar in format to talk therapy, with an emphasis on somatic awareness, guided meditation,

and inner healing work - plus practical tools and strategies for your day-to-day.
A nutritional assessment and plan can also be added into your package.

By identifying and peeling back what's draining you, and bolstering your natural ability to heal, you are freed to get back out there and do whatever it is you do best -

making this world a little brighter for all of us.

Client Testimonials

Working with Meredith has been incredible! She is a fantastic and patient listener. She’s helped me learn to take a step back from problems and view both problems and solutions more objectively. She’s provided great practical advice for work and life.


She has great insight and has helped me feel successful no matter how difficult the challenge in front of me. I definitely recommend working with her.

Jane R.

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