what is

nutritional therapy?

I use nutrient-dense, whole foods and all-natural, professional-grade supplements to support your body's innate vitality and ability to heal.

There's no calorie counting, deprivation, or crash dieting here. We gently take away what's burdening your body, nourish you with more wholesome alternatives, and let nature do the rest.


is this right for me?

While the fundamentals of physiology and nutrition apply to all of us, each person's biochemical needs are a little different. The fad diet that worked wonders for your neighbor may not be the best path for you.


My approach is as unique as you are. We will spend significant time together understanding your specific lifestyle, challenges, preferences and needs.


Whether you're seeking help with fatigue, inflammation, stress, digestive discomfort, hormone imbalance, or something else, you'll come away with a protocol tailored just for you - and regular support and monitoring along the way.


how does it work?

Step 1: Schedule a complimentary intro call to discuss your needs and see if we're a fit

Step 2: Complete intake paperwork, which includes a health history, food journal, and online symptom assessment

Step 3: Intake visit to review initial findings and recommendations

Step 4: Follow up calls once or twice per month to assess progress and provide more advanced recommendations

*All consultations are via phone.


how long does it take?

Nutritional therapy is a root-cause approach to healing. We do not band-aid over your symptoms. Our goal is to identify underlying imbalances, intolerances, and deficiencies, and then support the body to allow it to return to optimal function.

Most chronic health conditions are the result of patterns that are years, if not decades, in the making. It takes time and diligence to unwind these dynamics. This approach is not a fit for those looking for a quick silver bullet.


Most clients should expect to remain actively engaged in the healing process for at least three to six months.


how much does it cost?

Intro call: complimentary

Please see scheduling page for complete pricing*

Clients interested in both nutrition and coaching services will receive an additional 10% discount on the second package purchased.

*No one should be trapped in the vicious cycle of chronic illness and financial  distress. If you are in urgent need but cannot afford these rates, please contact me for alternative arrangements. 


let's do this

I can't wait to hear about your journey.

Schedule a no-risk intro call today.