working together

The topics we cover in a coaching/nutrition relationship can get vulnerable and heavy. One of my jobs is to ensure that you feel comfortable and understood in that relationship. In fact, making sure that there's a personality fit between us is one of the most important predictors of success. For that reason, I am selective about who I take on as a client, and actively screen for those with whom I am confident both my subject matter expertise AND way of relating naturally click.


I speak with my clients the way a good friend (who's also a professional listener and has read 25 too many self-help and diet books) would: there's no cold, distant, clinical jargon to be had here.


Regardless of the primary focus of our engagement, you can expect that:

  • There will be laughter, tears, and not-infrequent f-bombs 

  • I will ask you often to check in with your body and to stop making yourself wrong, gently guide you into areas that feel scary, and assign homework

  • I'll interrupt you sometimes, so that you don't drift away from an important insight

  • I will, also not-infrequently, be so overcome by what a brave badass you are, that I will get on my soapbox and make you listen back to your own greatness. (This will make you squirmy at first, because you've always struggled to take in positive feedback, and that's a sign that we're on the right track.)

  • If you're into that sort of thing, we can get into some fascinating discussions about philosophy, energy dynamics, spirituality, and what in the world we're all doing here anyway

  • I'm also trained as a crisis counselor, so no matter what you bring to the table, we'll roll with it graciously

If you're game for all that, let's talk!